Love. The answer to everything.

DISCLAIMER: You are here at the beginning of a new chapter in the journey. The process may be slow or uneventful at times, but the objective is clear and the path is laid out before me so I intend to move forward and see it through. If you would like to follow my journey and be updated as things take shape, by all means, please feel free to subscribe. I have nothing to hide, but do feel I have a lot to give and that is what I hope to achieve from this experiment. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by.

Matthew Jensen … ok, let’s be honest right from the start … I … am a man of many hats. So much so, that it was at the nagging urging of my wife 🙂 that I should try to do something to put this dichotomy of “me”…out there. In fact, I believe there is no dichotomy. I believe I am the sum of my parts and, well, that’s just who I am.

That being said, depending on who you ask, I am known as Matthew the website designer, Matthew the graphic designer, Matthew the rapper (known as “M.C. Spy“), who also happens to be a writer, producer, photographer, videographer and performer (though it has admittedly been some time now since I hit a stage) and further still, some will tell you I am a coach, educator, computer wiz, geek, father, brother, son or friend.

First and foremost, I am a devout family man: #1 in my life are my wife, children, family and friends and to sustain the blessed life we live, I run a very successful small business, JensenWorks Technology.

The reason for this website, aside from the fact that I LOVE building websites is that I wanted to have a place online to focus a little more on my personal life as well as some of the other things I have on the go, aside from my work or music-related endeavors.